· 200 -250 g fine semolina

· 4 /5 tablespoons plain flour

·  pinch of sea salt

· 130 - 150 ml soda water add -  extra as required

· 1 quarter of a small bunch of fresh coriander chopped up

· 3 Green chillies chopped

·  Vegetable oil, for frying in a deep pan

·  pani: Ready made Pani Puri Masala add green chillies and coriander

· 1 x finely chopped boiled Potato

· 1 x bowl of boiled chickpeas

· Tamarind chutney

To make the puris, place the semolina, flour and a pinch of salt in a bowl, then slowly add the soda water slowly, stirring until the mixture comes together to form a firm dough. Place into a slightly flour-dusted bowl, cover with a damp tea towel or a few sheets of damp kitchen paper towels and leave for 20-30 minutes.

Shape the puri dough on a flour-dusted surface, roughly 10x10cm in length, then take small round cutter 2 inches and cut our 4 circles. Roll the circles just slightly and then place a large, deep pan on high heat, add the oil until it is really hot. Using a slotted spoon put one dough circle at a time into the pan. Fry until puffed up, using the spoon to push each one under the oil, then carefully flip them over on a low heat and continue cooking until.  Each will rise to the surface forming a blown up ball.  Increase or decrease the heat to ensure the calls do not heat up too quickly and burn.  Turn a couple of times until light golden crisp brown.
Transfer to a double layer of kitchen paper to drain, then repeat with the remaining dough.

To serve the puris, make a small hole in the top and add some chickpeas, potatoes and tamarind sauce....then add the spicy Golgappa water!



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